Project wizard

The project wizard walks you through creating a data visualization in a few simple, fast steps.

Enter the project wizard by clicking the New project + buttonThe New project + button is always visible in the top menu on all everviz pages when logged in.

Select your project type

everviz visualizations are organized into four main types.

  • Charts
  • Map
  • Table
  • Layout

The first step of the project wizard, selecting a project type.

Chart allows you to create bar charts, column charts, and more advanced graphs such as scatter plots and heat maps.

Map enable visualizing visualize geographical data, often by importing a GEOjason file

Table, though perhaps not as visually appealing as other chart types, are still great for looking up or comparing individual values

Layout allows you to combine multiple charts into one view. A common visualization is a photo slider which allows, for example, the viewer to drag between an old and updated photo of the same region.

5 steps to create a chart

For charts and maps, the project wizard has 5 steps. Navigate between them by clicking the Back and Next buttons.

Step one of the project wizard for the Chart project type.

The first step, Type, is where you select the visualization you want to create. everviz has over 20 chart types to choose from. Unsure which one to choose? See our guide here.
Step 2, Data, is where you add your data into the template.
In step 3, choose a theme to set the look and feel of your chart.
Step 4 allows basic customization options including adding a title and caption.
In step 5 it’s time to publish your chart on the web or elsewhere. Or enter the editor to access endless customization options.

Note: For Tables and Layouts project types, there are four steps: Data, Design, Text and Save or Publish.

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