Interface tour

This interface tour is intended to give you a quick overview of the available screens and options of everviz.

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Main Overview

Projects page

The application is divided into a few main sections

Left menu

From the left menu you can navigate to your desired page easily.
The left menu can be expanded by clicking on the Hamburger icon on the top.

Projects page

Main content

The Main content area is where the pages are shown. On the screenshot above we are showing the Projects page.

Top menu

The top menu is always visible, and from here you have access to changing subteams, creating a new project and log out.


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Creating projects

Data View

The data table for manual editing of the chart data.
data view screen

Templates view

Choose between several templates with preset settings for bar, column, pie or other chart types.
data view screen

Themes view

Themes let you switch between your predefined style settings.
data view screen

Customize view

In the customize view you will find an endless amount of options for tweaking your charts until it fits your needs. The image below shows the Basic view where you find the most commonly used settings.

Basic settings

data view screen

The Customize Toolbar lets you switch to the other three views:

  • Advanced
  • Custom Code
  • Preview Options
  • Customize toolbar

Advanced Options

everviz comes with hundreds of generic and sometimes very specific settings for tweaking charts. All settings are organized alphabetically in a tree, but can also be found with a search menu.

Customize Basic view

Custom Code

For very advanced usage, you can even write Javascript code in the Custom Code view:

Customize Basic view

Preview Options

Get a readonly overview of all chart settings in JSON format.

Customize Basic view

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