How to create a theme

In this section, you will learn how you can easily apply your visual brand to your Charts and Maps using Themes.

Check out this video tutorial or follow the steps below to get started.

Create a theme

Set up a theme

The theme feature allows you to customize your charts easily and quickly.

  1. Go to the Themes section.
  2. Click on Add Theme.
  3. Customize the new Theme using the Templates and the Customize sections to change the colors, font size, background color and image, etc.
  4. Click on save.
Add Theme
Save Theme

Change the name of a theme

  1. Go to the Themes section
  2. Click on the Edit Meta Data button.
  3. Change the title.
  4. Click on the Save button.
Rename Theme

Create a Theme from a chart

  1. Open the chart detail page
  2. Click on "Convert to theme" or "Duplicate to theme" depending on you want to keep the original chart or not.

Apply a Theme to a Project

Follow these steps to use a theme:

  1. Create a new Project, then click on the Themes section.
  2. Select a theme.
  3. Save
Apply Theme Screenshot
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