Introduction to publish and share

When you are ready to share your visualization with your audience, you'll first need to save your project.


To save your project, click on the Save button.

save button


To publish a project, click on the Publish button, then select the way you want to publish by using the one of the following options:

  1. Share using the URL.
  2. Embed project on your website.
  3. Download your project.
  4. Inspire others

Let’s go through option in detail.

Share using the URL

Click on the Publish button and share the URL with your audience.

Screenshot of the publish dialog where Direct link is highlighted

Embed project on your website as an interactive graphic

Click on the Publish button to generate the embed code, select Script or Iframe, and copy and paste the code into your favourite Content Management System.

publish dialog with embed functions highlighted

You can read more about embedding projects in different Content Management Systems here.

Download your project

You can download your project in many different formats such as image, code or video. Choose your desired format and click on any of the download buttons.

Publish dialog with download capabilities highlighted

For more information: 

Inspire others

We highly appreciate when customers want to inspire others with their amazing work.

If you want to share your work with the everviz community through the inspired section, you can tick the "Submit to everviz inspired" checkbox.

publish dialog with everviz inspired checkbox highlighted
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