Selecting a chart type

everviz has 33 different chart types - many of which have several variations, see Chart styles below - to visualize your data.

To select your chart type

All available charts are listed in the chart type panel. Scroll through the panel to find the desired chart. Some of the most common chart types, e.g. line, bar and column, are located at the top of the panel for convenience. Click the chart icons to select your desired chart type. 

Chart preview

Selecting a chart type loads it in the chart preview window, showing the chart's visual elements. Unsure which chart to choose to illustrate your data? Sometimes previewing the charts provides the necessary inspiration. Chart descriptions, available under the chart preview, help you choose the correct chart for your data.

Tip: Interactivity engaged! The tooltip, a cool interactive element, is visible on step 1 by mousing over the chart. 

Chart styles

Explore different visualization options for your chart in the Style menu nested under the chart preview. Styling options include adding series labels or enabling options such as special colors for series with negative values. Expanding the Style menu exposes the different visualization options for the chart type.

Note: The styles will change depending on the chart type selected.

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