Layout types

everviz has nine layout types to choose from to visualize your data. Maps, tables and charts can be used to create a layout. Here is the complete list.

  • Single: The standard to be used if you need a single graph or map with own logo. 
  • Vertical/Horizontal/Small Multiples: Show the visualizations next to each other with horizontal or vertical splits. Typically used to show comparable or related information.
  • Tabs: Split the visualizations into different tabs, and allow your reader to interact with the different charts
  • Dropdown: Similar to tabs, but lets your reader navigate between your charts using a dropdown.
  • Carousel: Allow your reader to navigate between your charts using previous and next buttons.
  • Slider: Engage your readers with the unique slider function to visually compare before and after.
Tip: We are continuously adding new layout types to everviz. Stay tuned to our blog for announcements.

Small multiples example

Here is a quick visualization created using the Small Multiples layout, which is basically just a 2 x 2 Vertical and Horizontal version. Take a moment, resize the browser window and see how the graphs adapt automatically.

How to find the layouts

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