Categories map

Follow the steps in this article to create this category map showing population in different Norwegian municipalities.

Category maps are good for displaying data that falls into discrete, easily described categories. Category maps provide a visual representation of the status of each region. However, the overall impression can be skewed by the size differences of the regions. Larger regions will dominate the map, but this will not always be representative of their overall importance. In some cases, alternative charts may be more appropriate (e.g. tilemaps where regions all have equal importance, or choropleths for data that can be normalized to fit a data range).

To create this category map:

  • Open the map wizard and select Categories in the first step
  • Select Norway in the country menu
  • Select 'Norway,admin2' in the category menu and click Next
  • Download this.csv file with map data onto your computer
  • Click Upload, select the .csv file and click Open. Alternatively, drag and drop the .csv file onto the data table to upload the data automatically
  • Click Next to move to the Design screen where you can choose a theme for your map. Click an available theme to see how it looks, or stick with the default theme
  • Click Next to move to the Text & Annotations screen where you can add contextual information to your map, such as a title, text labels, captions and more
  • Click Next to move to the Save or Publish screen where you can save your map for later amendment or use, or publish your map

Alternatively, you can click the Continue in Editor button to edit the map further with more granular options. For example, if you expand the Chart type specific tab in the editor (Customize->Basic) you can change the numeric categories (color stops) that are used to group and colour specific sets of values. You can apply a text label for each group, too, and these will appear in the map’s legend. 

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