Pattern fill map

Pattern fill maps display divided geographical areas or regions that are patterned in relation to an image source. This provides a way to visualise values over a geographical area.

Follow the steps in this article to create this pattern fill map showing each state represented by a flag.

Pattern fill maps are a good choice if you want to produce a unique and engaging map of data that is easily represented by simple graphics. This is most effective for a map with regions of similar sizes because small regions will not be easily distinguishable in a busy map. However, you can ensure that smaller regions are included through the use of a tooltip or by the inclusion of an additional map showing specific detail.

To create this pattern fill map:

  • Open the map wizard and select Pattern fill in the first step
  • Select United States of America in the country menu then click Next
  • Click Next again to use the example data provided. Alternatively, drag and drop a .csv file of your own onto the data table to upload the data automatically
  • Click Next to move to the Design screen where you can choose a theme for your map. Click an available theme to see how it looks, or stick with the default theme
  • Click Next to move to the Text & Annotations screen where you can add contextual information to your map, such as a title, text labels, captions and more
  • Click Next to move to the Save or Publish screen where you can save your map for later amendment or use, or publish your map

Alternatively, you can click the Continue in Editor button to edit the map further with more granular options. 

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