Versioned embed codes

We have received reports that graphs do not always update immediately. This is because web browsers will store previous results for reuse in the future. Our first step in solving this issue is to add version codes to all released projects so that your visitors browser will realize the chart has been updated, when it has been updated, by reading the new publish code. It is not strictly necessary to update these every time, as the previous version will eventually update to the latest version of your graph, it just takes a some time. If you notice your chart does not update immediately, and wish to make sure that it does, you will need to copy the new publish code and replace the old one. Alternatively, you can change the version in the URL yourself, as the old will then look something like this:

<div id="everviz-[…]><script src="[…]/?v=1" defer="defer"></script></div>

And change that to:

<div id="everviz-[…]"><script src="[…]/?v=2" defer="defer"></script></div>

The same applies to Iframes:

<iframe src="[…]/?v=1" title="Chart" style="border: 0; width: 100%; height: 500px"></iframe>

As well as embed links:[…]?v=1

A specific case applies to layouts, since these are themselves versioned, and contain graphs that are also versioned. When you republish a layout, the versions for all graphs in it will be updated to the latest available. If you want to make sure these graphs are updated in your page, you will need update the publish code for the layout included in your page with the latest code given.

We will do more investigation in the future to make this process automatic for you.

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