The advanced editor

Where the basic editor is the first place you go to and where you are able to change the most common settings, the advanced editor allows you to change almost any property supported by our underlying software, Highcharts. The basic structure of it includes one item for major chart concepts.

Other properties are:

  • Localization which allows you to rewrite the text used for the context menu, month names, and default decimal
  • Accessibility which allows setting some accessibility specific properties, you most likely don't need to here
  • Exporting which allows you to set options applied for exporting and chart options when exporting, again, we have sensible defaults


Setting options on a series of data can be done in several places, and setting an option in a more specific place will be prioritized over the rest. These options are in plot options and series. Plot options contain two methods: the generic series, which applies to everything; and the chart type option, which is named like one of your chart types, such as 'Line' or 'Column'. The order of application is, in summary:

  1. Plot options (series) applies to every serie in your chart.
  2. Plot options (chart type) applies to all series of that type; if you have two lines and one column, it will apply to all of either type. Some options can only be set here, as the selection of options varies between chart types, column charts does for example not have a line width.
  3. Series (n) applies to a specific series. Some options can only be set here, such as the name.

The same applies when setting text styles in chart, versus more specific places like title or caption.

The advanced editor will always be in sync with the basic editor where their settings overlap, such as the title. If a setting is set in a series in Advanced, that may override other settings.

Tip When in doubt, use the most general option, starting from 1.


In maps there are is an additional two options, one of them is Map line, which you do not need to use. Everything else remains the same. The Map plot option type represents a Choropleth or Category map.

Custom code

Some options are still not supported by Advanced, or a workaround is needed, in these cases we turn to custom code. Notable times this may happen is that the option for an advanced setting supports more types than we have an editor for, or when advanced editor behaves poorly when changing a certain item.

Where advanced code is a hammer; custom code is a jackhammer, and always overrides anything else in its way.

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