The Columns panel is located in the  Customize accordion menu in the table editor. The options presented let users rearrange columns, create conditional formatting rules, set the visibility of columns and set the alignment of columns. 


You can drag and drop columns to rearrange their order. Clicking a column to highlight it lets you create a conditional formatting rule for that column. Each column can have a maximum of one conditional formatting rule.

Rules: Click the drop-down list to select the conditional formatting rule for the column.

Value: Enter the value that the conditional statement will be tested against.

Color: Click the filled circle to open the pop-up color chooser and select a color for the column data that satisfies the conditional formatting rule.

Show column: On and checked means that the selected column is hidden from view. Off and unchecked means that the column is visible to viewers.

Position: Set the alignment of text and data within the selected column. Choose between left, centre and right alignment.

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