Using the text editor

Many of everviz’s controls let you use a pop-up text editor to alter the style, color, font type, font size, color and alignment settings for a text string. Users see a pencil icon at the side of a text field when the text editor is available. Click the pencil icon to view the pop-up text editor. 

Using the rich text editor

  • Click the pencil icon next to a text field to view the pop-up text editor. The text editor displays various controls, such as buttons for setting text as bold, italic and underlined.
  • Click the B, U and I icons to set text as bold, underlined and italic, respectively.
  • Click the drop-down list to select the font size for the text.
  • Click one of the three alignment options to align text to the left, centre or right, respectively.
  • Click the filled circle to open the pop-up color chooser to set various colour and opacity options for the text.
  • Click the drop-down font menu to select a font for the text.

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