Data cleaning

Whichever way to upload your data you choose, be sure to follow these basic rules:

  1. Numbers should not be mixed with any symbols, sign or string such as $, €, USD, %, ºC, etc.

    Wrong: $12345, 15ºC, 39USD

    Good: 12345, 15, 39

  2. Use the period as a decimal mark.
    Wrong: 123,45

    Good: 123.45

  3. Always sort the first column (x-axis) in ascending order.
    i.e. the x-axis data should be arranged from the smallest to the largest number or from the old date to the new date.

  4. Valid date formats:
    Date values should have a consistent format using one of the following formats:

    • YYYY/mm/dd
    • dd/mm/YYYY
    • mm/dd/YYYY
    • dd/mm/YY
    • mm/dd/YY
    • Number (Unix epoch time in milliseconds)

    If none of the formats above have been used for date values, everviz will try to parse the value of the cell based on core Date functions, and this can cause unexpected behavior.

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