Team features

everviz Version 2.0 introduces proper teams to everviz.

A team contains a shared pool of charts, accessible by all the members that belong to that team.
A user can have one account, and use the account to be a member of several teams at once, e.g. freelancers with only one account can produce content for several different teams.

It’s important that charts are created in the correct team context. If you’re creating charts, make sure that you have selected the correct team by selecting the team from the drop-down at the top of the sidebar.

team features

If you instead have your personal team (or another team) selected, charts the member creates will belong to that team instead. Since teams are completely isolated from each other, only members of the same team can access charts created within the context of that team.
To find the charts you have created within a team, use the Creator drop-down in the search filter section of the chart listing.

  1. Go to the Charts section.
  2. Select the right team.
  3. Choose the creator from the Creator drop-down menu.

team chart creator

When creating a new account, a personal team is automatically created.

Note that there is no way of moving charts from one team to another. It is, however, possible to duplicate a chart from one team to another team, but this will not retain the chart’s hashtag and ID. This is deliberate, as teams are isolated entities. If you have an issue with charts being on the wrong team, feel free to contact us for support.

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