- How to add signs ($, %, etc.) to the X Axes and Y Axis?

Go to Customize -> Axes (X Axis or Y Axis)-> Axis labels format, then add the signs before or after {value}.

Examples: {value} €

axis label

- Can I change the axes title’s font family?

Yes, here are the step to change the axes title’s font family:

Go to Customize -> Text -> Vertical or Horizontal axis. Use the drop-down for "Title Style", and select a font. You can also change other style options such as the font-size, colors, etc.

- How do I add another Y axis?

To add another Y axis:

Go to Customize -> Axes -> Vertical Axis, then check "Use second axis"
Choose which serie the axis should be connected to in the dropdown "Assign series to YAxis"

- How do I delete a Y or X axis?

To delete a X axis or Y axis:

Go to Customize -> Advanced -> Y Axis or X Axis, then click on the sign minus to delete an axis.

delete an axis

- How do I move the Y axes to the opposite side?

To move the Y axis to the opposite side:

Go to Customize ->Axes. Tick the opposite side of chart on your desired axis.

- How do I add thousand separators on 4 digit numbers

This can be done from the custom code section if you copy/paste the following:

const yAxis = Array.isArray(options.yAxis) ? options.yAxis[0] : options.yAxis;
Highcharts.merge(true, yAxis, {
  labels: {
    formatter: function() {
      return Highcharts.numberFormat(this.value, 0, '.', ',');
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