- How to change the series’ colors?

To change the series’ colors:

Go to Customize -> Appearance
Select the series that you want to change the color.
Choose the color from the Color button.

- How to change the series default colors?

Go to Customize -> Appearance, then add or delete the colors of your choice.

- How to display Data Labels?

To display data labels on top of each point, you can either select a template with the data labels enabled or enable data labels in the editor

1. To choose a template with data labels enabled by default, go to Templates, then select the type with labels.

2. To enable data label, go to Customize -> Data Labels then check the Enable data labels for all series option.

- How to delete series?

To delete a series, you can do this from the "Edit data" panel. You need to:

  • Click the settings icon
  • Choose your series from the dropdown
  • Click the delete button

- How to display series labels?

Sometimes it is easier for the viewers to read the chart when the labels are placed next to the series to avoid zig-zagging eyes between the lines and the legend. 

To enable Data Series labels, goto basic customizer.
In the Category Data Labels, tick the Enable Series labels checkbox

Screencast enable, disable series labels
Screencast showing how to enable/disable Series labels
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