Embed in PowerPoint

You can embed charts in PowerPoint by using webviews. This allows charts inside a PowerPoint to be interactive, and automatically keep themselves up-to-date with new data and changes.

To start, you want to install the Web Viewer add-in to PowerPoint. You can find this by going to the Insert tab within PowerPoint, and from there clicking Get Add-ins. At that point, you will see a window open up, where you can search for web viewer.

Once installed, a web viewer frame will be inserted into your current slide. If not, you can add it yourself by going to My Add-ins just below the Get Add-ins button.

Where the web viewer asks you to insert a URL, you want to insert one of the everviz embed links, these look like so:


You can find the embed code for the chart you want to add by opening a chart, clicking on Publish, and then showing the Iframe code. Keep in mind, you only want the snippet that is highlighted below:

This link is indeed just an ordinary webpage, and you can open it in your browser to see your chart there. Anyway, clicking the Preview button in the bottom-left corner of the window should now show the chart inside the current slide.

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