Searchable table with links

The table function can come in handy if you want provide a simple service to allow readers to search for relevant data and click to get more information.

The following table shows a simple proof of concept:

Follow the steps below to create this table.

Prepare the data in Google Sheets

We have created a new Google spreadsheet consisting of three columns

Column A: The video description
Column B: A Human readable Link that we will use in the table
Column C: The actual URL for the video on Youtube

There's nothing special about this, except for column B. Instead of showing a cryptic Youtube video URL, we prefer to have a human readable link. The Column B is simply using a built-in formula in Google Sheets called HYPERLINK

The formula will construct a hyperlink consisting of the URL from cell C2 and the text "Play video". When this is created, you can copy the formula to all other cells in this column.

Create the table in everviz

Follow this document to learn how you can create the table in everviz

Copy the first two columns from your Google Spreadsheet and use the paste option in everviz when creating the table

Table wizard, paste option
Note! A CSV upload or Google Sheet connection would truncate the formatting and cannot currently be used when creating tables with hyperlinks
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