Embed in Episerver Optimizely

Follow these steps to embed your project in a Episerver / Optimizely article

Copy embed code

Publish your project and copy the embed code

Add visualization in Episerver / Optimizely

1 - In the article, click on the Source code block icon

2 - Paste the embed code

3 - Click OK and you get an instant preview in the article

Preview article for different devices

Episerver / Optimizely has a nice feature for previewing the article for different screen sizes. This is intended to give the editor a quick way of visualizing a page as it would turn out when shown on a smaller screen

In the top navigation bar, click preview, and choose your desired view port

Episerver / Optimizely will change the appearance of the editor to desired view port. Also notice that the visualization automatically adapts to the screen size.

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