Point map

Point maps can be used to show the distribution of data over a geographical region by placing equally sized markers over the region.

Follow the steps in this article to create this point map showing a set of states to travel through on a road trip.

Point maps are useful for showing specific locations and the point appearance can be adapted to suit the illustration. Additional information can be delivered using a tooltip, but if you want to include a visual representation of additional data fields then another chart type (e.g. a bubble map) might be more appropriate.

To create this point map:

  • Open the map wizard and select Point in the first step
  • Select United States of America in the country menu then click Next
  • New York, Washington and Texas are already present on the map, so enter extra locations using the Add/remove data points text box. Enter a state such as Arizona and click the Search button.
  • Select Arizona, USA from the list and see that it has been added to the list.
  • Repeat the process to add more states to the list. Alternatively, use the example .csv file here or drag and drop your own .csv file onto the data table to upload the data automatically
  • Click Next to move to the Design screen where you can choose a theme for your map. Click an available theme to see how it looks, or stick with the default theme
  • Click Next to move to the Text & Annotations screen where you can add contextual information to your map, such as a title, text labels, captions and more
  • Click Next to move to the Save or Publish screen where you can save your map for later amendment or use, or publish your map

Alternatively, you can click the Continue in Editor button to edit the map further with more granular options. 

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