Introduction to the editor

The editor in everviz contains a number of options for changing the look and feel of your chart.  

The editor has four panels:

The editor allows you to edit spreadsheet data, including adding or removing columns and values, change your chart type and theme and customize your chart.

Note: The editor is available after you have created a chart with the project wizard. When opening a chart from the Project page, the editor opens to the editor's customize tab.

Renaming, saving and publishing projects

The file information bar has options for naming, saving and publishing your project.
The file information bar, which sits above the editor panels, is highlighted in purple.
To rename your project, click the project title. The field becomes editable, and you can now type a new title. Hit  Enter to confirm. 
Click Save to save your project at any time. To see the publishing status of your chart, click the chevron icon at the far right of the bar. A panel expands with the status and publishing options.

Tip: Learn more about publishing charts here.
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