Project homepage

The project homepage lists all charts you have created, plus charts created by anyone in your subteam. It loads after logging in to everviz and when clicking the everviz logo in the top left of the screen. Clicking a chart on this page opens the everviz editor for customizing a chart.

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Finding a chart

By default, the most recently created charts appear at the top of the page. The project homepage has a number of search options to find a chart. 

Search by title: Matches your search terms with a chart's title
Creator: Sort by chart author
Select tags: Search by tags
Sort by most recent: The most recently edited charts appear first
Sort by date created: The most recently created charts appear first
Sort by name: Organize the project cards alphabetically
View deleted projects: Lists all deleted projects with an option to restore projects back to the projects homepage.

Create a new project

The first card on the project homepage is a shortcut to create a chart with the project wizard. Use an example links to everviz's inspired section to access visualizations created with the different chart types available in everviz.

Tip: Clicking Reuse this chart on the inspired page opens the chart in the editor and exposes the chart settings and data structure - all the options that have been applied to create the chart.
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