Choropleth map

Follow the steps in this article to create this choropleth map showing population in different Norwegian municipalities.

Choropleth maps can be a good choice for plotting boundary-bound data that can be normalized for comparison to other regions. 

The data needs to be classified into suitable ranges: four to seven categories are generally recommended. If the number of categories is too high, it becomes difficult for people to distinguish the different color shades. Choropleth maps can also be difficult to read for people with visual impairment or color vision deficiencies, so it is important to check that the map is appropriate for the intended audience.

To create this choropleth map:

  • Open the map wizard and select Choropleth in the first step
  • Select Norway in the country menu
  • Select 'Norway,admin2' in the category menu and click Next
  • Download this .csv file with map data onto your computer
  • Click Upload, select the .csv file and click Open
  • Follow the steps in the map wizard to reach the final step where you can publish your map
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