The publishing step in the wizard

The publish panel appears on the final step of the project wizard. The panel has options for saving, publishing or downloading your project.

Click Continue in editor to access the editor to further customize your chart.

Saving and publishing

Initially, when arriving at the last step in the wizard, your project is unsaved. Leaving the wizard without saving or publishing results in losing your work. 
To save your work, click Publish or  Save draft—both will save your chart as a project, making it accessible from the project homepage.

Updating a published chart

Update a published chart by clicking Republish. This will update the chart wherever it is published with any changes you have made since the last time you clicked Publish.
Note: When republishing a chart, the embed code you originally entered into your platform changes. It is not necessary to manually replace the old code with the new code. Your browser will eventually pick up the new code. In the meantime the old embed code will be stored in your browser's cache. Copy the new embed code into your platform to publish the new version of your chart immediately.
More details explained here, with a catch on layouts.

Share your chart

Saving a draft will expose the Share link field with a URL to share your chart. Share this link with colleagues to gather feedback. The share link always references the latest draft or your chart, and is visible to anyone with the URL, regardless of whether the project is published.

Unpublish a chart

Clicking Unpublish removes a chart from wherever it is published. If you decide to re-publish the chart, simple click Publish and the chart will appear again.

Embed a chart to your page

Clicking  Publish generates the embed codes to be pasted into your CMS or elsewhere; it does not make your chart public. Charts are only visible once they have been inserted on a webpage or elsewhere. Saving a draft puts the chart on the project homepage, allowing you to work on it later.

There are three ways to embed a chart on your page:
  • Script (Recommended) makes the chart part of your page allowing it to be styled by you, and scales to automatically to fit screen size
  • iframe includes the chart in your page through a window that has fixed height. Advisable only if your CMS does not support scripts.
  • Embed link to the visualization only, covering the full page. Used when embedding to PowerPoint, or platforms such as Medium.

Password protect a chart

To make your project private, check Add password on share/embed and enter a password. Viewers are asked to enter this password to view the chart.
Note: The chart publish status changes to Republish if any settings are changed in the publish panel after a chart is published. Click Republish to apply new the settings to published charts.

Share to everviz inspired

Share your project with the community at everviz inspired.
Project details allows you to give your project a name. Type the name in the field and click away to apply the name.
Download allows you to download the chart in different formats to your browser's download folder. Click the menus to access the desired format type and then click the download icon. Charts can be downloaded in the following formats: PNG, SVG, JPEG, PDF, HTML and JSON

Note: When publishing as SVG, JSON, HTML, custom fonts uploaded by you are not available.
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