Customize chart text

Charts are not just shapes and colors. The text elements are key to conveying the message in a data visualization. Chart text provides the necessary context for interpreting the chart and bringing the viewers attention to critical patterns being visualized. 

To find the text customization options

Text customization options explained

Title: The chart's main title.

Subtitle: The chart's subtitle which appears below the main title

Caption: Appearing below the chart, the caption is often used to explain to the reader how they should interpret the chart

Source: Source of the chart data. Appears in the bottom right corner of the chart

Source link: Hyperlinking the source text

X-axis and y-axis: The axis title, showing next to the axis line.

Tip: Click the pencil icon in each text field to access the rich text editor.

Editing directly in the chart

Text elements can be edited directly in the chart. In the chart preview, click a text element, such as the chart title, to expose a rich text editor panel.

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