The Axes panel is located in the  Customize->Basic accordion menu in the chart editor. The options presented let you style and position multiple axes. 


Axis labels format:You can use the drop-down list to select specific formatting for the values on an axis. Options include a dollar prefix and various date and time formats. You can add your own characters and text to the textfield. This means you could insert a Euro or Sterling symbol into the textfield to add the character to every label on that axis.

Type: Click the drop-down list to select the most appropriate type for your axis. You can choose from linear, logarithmic, Datetime and category types. See this article for more information about the axis types you can use

Gridline width: Enter a positive integer into the textfield to set the width of an axis’s gridline or use the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the value.

Alignment title: Click the drop-down list to select the alignment option for that axis’s title label. You can set the axis title label to appear at the far left, far right or centre of the axis.

Gridline color: Click the filled circle to open the pop-up color chooser and set various colour and opacity options for the axis’s gridlines.

Placement: Use the drop-down list to select where the axis labels appear on the chart. You can choose to have horizontal axis labels appear at the top or bottom of a chart and to have vertical axis labels appear at the left or right of a chart.

Direction: Choose to have the labels for the axis sorted in ascending or descending order.

Add a second axis: Click the link or the + icon to add an additional axis to the chart.

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