Add a clickable link to the tooltip

This article explains the steps for adding a clickable link to the tooltip. We will use a tilemap circle to demonstrate how to do this

1. Create a tilemap and enter the map editor
3. Paste the following code in the custom code panel:

Highcharts.merge(true, options, {
  tooltip: {
    style: {
      pointerEvents: 'auto'
In everviz, it should look like this:
4. Click the data tab
5. Add the URL into an empty column on the datagrid with this formatting:

<a target="_base" href="">everviz main page</a>
Here, a URL is added into column F. In the data controller, click Extras and select column F.
7. Go to Customize > Basic > Tooltip > Body and add {point.extra} 

8. The link in the tooltip is now clickable.

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