The roles page is for creating different user types in everviz. 

Note: By default, the first person to create an account for your organization is assigned all permissions. Whoever controls this account must administer the permissions for the different roles in everviz.

Choose a role

The users types you create depends on your organization's structure and needs.
By default, everviz will create the following roles:
  • User 
  • Admin
Users are assigned the General permissions related to chart and theme creation, while admins are assigned the Administrative permissions, including the ability to assign roles, invite users and create subteams.
Tip: Some organizations have the designer role. This user is typically a data visualization expert or graphic designer responsible for creating themes in everviz. This user is assigned the Theme management permission.

Add user types

  • Click Add role
  • Enter the role type name and click Confirm

Edit permissions

Each user has a set of permissions connected to actions it can carry out in the app.

To edit the permissions for the user types
  • Select a user from the dropdown 
  • Toggle the permissions buttons. A blue checkmark means enabled and gray x means disabled. 
When toggling permissions, a notification bar appears with options to save changes or reset to previous permissions.

Rename a role

To rename the role:
  • Select the user in the dropdown and then click Edit 
  • Enter the new user name and click Confirm.
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