Live data

With live data the chart obtains the data from an external resource data in JSON or CSV format. A refresh rate is set for updating the chart within a certain interval.

How to set up Live Data

To use the new live data option follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Import Data step in the project wizard 
  2. Click on the Link data icon

  3. Paste the Spreadsheet url from the address bar. Do not use the link in the Share dialogue, because this will not work. Then select the refresh time from the drop down menu

  4. Click Connect my data

Make sure to set up your data properly

Setting up a public data file

You can use JSON Column and JSON Row, the difference is the data order. Some examples are listed below.

Creation of these files are normally done by a developer of a third-party service you wish to fetch data from, or a developer of your page who makes the data available, as these files are normally synchronized to a database of some sort. The method for publishing this file depends on the system you have in use. It is only important to serve the file as raw data, and make sure you have CORS enabled so that we can read data from your domain.

If need any help setting up a data file for live data, we are happy to discuss if you email us at!

One quick way to test whether a given CSV file can be accepted, is to use pastebin.

JSON Columns

    ['Column 1', 0, 1, 2, 3],
    ['Column 2', 10, 20, 30]


    ['Column 1', 'Column 2'],
    [0, 10],
    [1, 20],
    [2, 30],
    [3, 40]


Column 1, Column 2
10,5 integration

We also have a integration. Read more about in our knowledge base

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