Team settings

An everviz team is a team environment that allows you to:

  • Create, store and delete charts.
  • Set/update subscription
  • Add and remove members
  • Create and manage groups, themes, API and Webhooks

Keep in mind that all charts, groups, and subteams created by a team belong to that team. Members (users) can be added to groups by the admin.


  • A team represents a company (organization). Basically, for each company or organization, there is only one team. In the case of a user that works for many companies (e.g. a freelancer), that user can set up a team for each company.
  • A subteam is a set of members (users) to create/style/share charts.
  • A group is a set of members with specific privileges such as admin rights, charts sharing rights, etc.

team settings

Create a team

Follow these steps to create a team:

  1. Go to the Setting section.
  2. Click on the button Create New Team.
  3. Write the name of the team.
  4. Select Public if you want to share the team profile (check the remark below), otherwise select Private.
  5. Click on the button Add to finalize the team creation.


By using the route /team/:teamid/profile/public users can get the team’s profile. Team’s profile includes:

  • The team’s name.
  • The team’s owner username.
  • The team’s creation time.

Delete a team

Follow these steps to delete a team

  1. Go to the Settings page
  2. Select the team to delete from the team drop menu
  3. Click on the Delete Team button

Add team name

By default everviz assigns the admin's email address as the team name. Assign a team name (usually the company name) in the team settings area.

To assign a team name:

  1. Go to the Settings page
  2. Add a name in the team name field
  3. Click Save
  4. The team name now appears in the teams dropdown at the top of the page

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