Create a company theme

Company themes are an easy way to ensure all charts stay on brand. 

A company theme is a single theme that applies to all project types in everviz. All charts pre-load with the company theme, removing the need to add brand details each time a chart is created.

Create a new company theme

  • Click Themes and click + New company theme
  • Enter your corporate design elements in the various panels in the company theme editor
  • Title your theme in the project title bar
  • Click Save

Company theme editor

The company theme editor contains various panels for adding the main design features of your brand.

Global settings 

Set the font and font color. Click here to learn how to upload a custom font

Color palette

The colors will be assigned to the series in a chart. The first series is assigned the first color, the second series the second color and so on.

Note: Learn more about setting chart colors

Text style

If you decide that your charts will have a title and subtitle, best practice is to add placeholder text in these fields. For example, add 'Add title here' to the Title field and 'Add subtitle here' to the subtitle field. When the chart maker loads a project they will see this placeholder text and add a title and subtitle.

Add custom colors, fonts and styles to titles and subtitles

Click the pencil icon in the title and subtitle fields to open the rich text editor and set fonts, colours and styles

Quick preview

Once you have created a company theme you can preview it in the quick preview panel. Click Chart type to select another chart type from the dropdown. You can also see the company theme applied to the different project types by clicking charts, maps and tables.

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