Create a chart specific theme

Create a theme per chart type.

To create a chart specific theme

Chart specific themes are created in the theme wizard. Check out this video tutorial or follow the steps below to get started.

To create a chart specific theme:

  • Go to Themes
  • Click + New chart specific theme to open the theme wizard
  • Click Save after designing the theme in the theme wizardYou can also create a theme from a chart you already have by clicking "Convert to theme", or "Duplicate to theme" in the project settings, which can be opened by clicking the cogwheel on a project:

Common theme design options

Build your theme using the options in the theme wizard.
Appearance styles window
Text font is the font that will apply to all text on the chart. Click here to learn how to upload your own font.
Chart colors
Add your brand colors to the chart colors color pallet. 
The first color is assigned to the first series, second color to second series etc. Click and drag the colors to change their priority. Click the circle to paste a HEX code or use the slider.
Tip: Want a different font for header text? Go to Text > Title > Click the pencil icon to open in line editor
Add a background color to the chart plot area by entering a hex code or using the color picker. Add a border around the plot area, applying rounding if necessary and adjusting border thickness.
Context menu options
Choose whether or not your viewers should be able to export the chart by setting the visibility of the export hamburger menu to on or off. You can also decide which export options (which are listed in the text descriptions field) are available. 
To configure the export options:
  • Go to Advanced customization > Exporting > Buttons > Context button > Menu items
  • Click the trash can to remove items
  • Click the + button to add the items back.

Create a map specific theme

The theme editor only supports creating themes for charts. However, here is a workaround for creating a map specific theme.

  • Create a the perfect map using the map wizard and publish it
  • Return to the project homepage and click the project settings
  • Click Convert to theme
  • The map will move to the themes page and appear on the Design step of the Map wizard

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