Introduction to chart customization

All aspects of everviz charts can be customized. 

Chart customization tips are organized by chart component. Each component is labeled with a number here. 

The numbered list below corresponds to the number in the screenshot and contains links to view the tips.

Tip: We are constantly adding new customization tips to these pages. Post on the everviz forum if you cannot find a workflow.

  1. Chart plot area - the area where the chart is plotted
  2. Tooltip - the box that appears when hovering over a point in the series
  3. Axes - the lines that are used to measure the data. Charts normally have an x and y axis. 
  4. Series - the set of data plotted on a chart.
  5. Legend - a small area within a chart that displays the series in the chart.
  6. Data labels - the text elemetns that describe  individual data points.
  7. Chart text - all the text in a chart, including the title, subtitle, chart caption etc.
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