The publishing step in the wizard

The publish panel appears on the final step of the project wizard. The panel has options for saving, publishing or downloading your project.

Saving and publishing

At the last step in the wizard, your project is unsaved and unpublished. Leaving the wizard without saving or publishing results in losing your work. 
To save your work, click Publish or  Save draft—both will save your chart as a project, making it accessible from the project homepage

After clicking Publish the text on the button changes to Published. Click Unpublish to deactivate the embed codes and links to the project. This removes a chart from wherever it is published. If you decide to re-publish the chart, simply click  Publish and the chart will appear again.

Export your chart

The publish panel supports various export options.
  • Online
  • Social 
  • PDF/print
  • Code
  • Video 
  • Live video


Choose this option if you are embedding your chart on your website. 

Clicking  Publish generates the embed codes to be pasted into your CMS or elsewhere; it does not make your chart public. Charts are only visible once they have been inserted on a webpage or elsewhere.

There are three ways to embed a chart on your page:
  • Script (Recommended) makes the chart part of your page allowing it to be styled by you, and scales to automatically to fit screen size
  • iframe includes the chart in your page through a window that has fixed height. Advisable only if your CMS does not support scripts.
  • Embed link to the visualization only, covering the full page. Used when embedding to PowerPoint, or platforms such as Medium.


Export a chart as an image in a resolution suitable for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X and LinkedIn.

Click Channel to select a social media platform. Format contains a list of picture formats, including PNG, JPEG, SVG and PDF. Set the image orientation in Post dimensions. Set a custom image resolution with the export width and height options.

Click Export to download the image to your download folder.


Export the chart for use in an offline format or as PDF.


Download a chart for self hosting. Two formats are available for download: HTML and JSON.


Download a transparent version of the chart to overlay on top of video. Currently, MOV is the only supported format. 

There are three options in the frames per second (FPS) menu:

  • 60 FPS (Web) is a frame rate of 60 frames per second specifically optimized for web-based content
  • 50P (Pal) is a frame rate of 50 frames per second and is associated with the PAL (Phase Alternating Line) television standard. 50P stands for '50 Progressive,' meaning means that each frame of the video is displayed progressively, one after the other, without interlacing.
  • 60i (NTSC) is a video format with a frame rate of 60 fields per second (60i) that is associated with the NTSC (National Television System Committee) television standard. 60i stands for '60 Interlaced.'

Live video

Use this option for embedding a chart into a live broadcast. Clicking publish generates a chart embed link to be pasted into a Viz Flowics HTML graphic template.

An everviz donut chart inserted into a Viz Flowics graphics template.

Password protect a chart

To make your project private, check Add password on share/embed and enter a password. Viewers are asked to enter this password to view the chart.
Note: The chart publish status changes to Republish if any settings are changed in the publish panel after a chart is published. Click Republish to apply new the settings to published charts.

Share to everviz inspired

Share your project with the community at everviz inspired.
Project details allows you to give your project a name. Type the name in the field and click away to apply the name.
Download allows you to download the chart in different formats to your browser's download folder. Click the menus to access the desired format type and then click the download icon. Charts can be downloaded in the following formats: PNG, SVG, JPEG, PDF, HTML and JSON

Note: When publishing as SVG, JSON, HTML, custom fonts uploaded by you are not available.

Continue in editor 

The project wizard contains only a handful of the customization options available in everviz.

Access the full customization power of everviz in the everviz editor by clicking Continue in editor. 

The editor allows you to fine tune the look and feel of your chart to match your exact specifications. Edit chart elements such the color and size of the axis and axis lables, the information that appears in the tooltip and the position of the legend.

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