Add a project title

The project title is the name of the project. It appears on the project card on the project homepage, highlighted in red here.

Note: The project title is not the same as the chart title. The chart title is assigned in the text section of the basic customize menu.

Naming a project

A project title can be assigned from the project homepage or in the editor.
Tip: everviz will assign dummy text to the project title if a specific title is not entered.
Assigning a project title in the editor:
  • Open a chart in the editor
  • Click the project title.The field becomes editable, and you can now type a new title. 
  • Hit Enter to confirm or click the enter icon
  • Click the pencil icon to edit the project name
Assigning a project title from the project homepage:
  • Click the cogwheel on the project card to open chart editor panel
  • Add a project title in the Title field and click Save.
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